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Things to Do in Bismarck North Dakota

Feb 15
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Bismarck North Dakota is a city in Burleigh County on the eastern bank of the Missouri River. It is the seat of the state’s capital and serves as the business, trade, transportation, education, and health care center for western North Dakota.

The city of Bismarck is governed under a municipal government system under the city commission style with citizens electing four commissioners on an at-large basis for four year terms. The mayor, also elected at-large, serves as president of the commission and has few powers over and above his fellow commissioners.

One of the most attractive features of the city is its extensive parks, including over 2000 acres of scenic and historic lands. Several miles of trails are available for recreational use and the Missouri Valley Trail connects people to a number of historical, recreational, and cultural sites along the river.

There are many museums and attractions throughout the city, including the tall, art deco North Dakota State Capitol, the North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum, and the restored Former Governors’ Mansion. The Dakota Zoo is also located in Bismarck and is home to grizzly bears and endangered Bengal tigers.

Locally-owned shops and restaurants offer a variety of cuisines for visitors to enjoy, including Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Japanese, French, and Swiss. The city is also a popular destination for outdoor recreation and fishing.

Bismarck is a growing community and offers many new housing options. In addition, the city has an active and vibrant downtown area with several hotels and restaurants.

The city’s business district is anchored by the Bismarck Convention Center and is an important trade center for western North Dakota. The area is home to major oil, gas, and coal producers as well as an energy refinery at Mandan. The city is also home to a large number of federal, state, and local agencies.

Most of the region’s major employers are involved in the energy industry. The city is situated within 85 miles of twelve coal-fired electrical generating facilities producing over 4000 megawatts of electricity. Other industries in the city include construction, banking, government, insurance, and food services.

In addition, the area is a hub for the distribution of natural gas and petroleum products. The city is the corporate headquarters for a number of these companies, which produce, distribute, and market energy-related products in western North Dakota.

There are many parks in the city, ranging from historic sites to more recent recreation areas and playgrounds. The parks are administered by the Bismarck Park District and comprise over 2000 acres of scenic and historic lands.

These parks include: Lighted baseball and softball fields; soccer and football fields; lighted tennis courts; racquetball, outdoor hockey, skating, and indoor ice arenas; archery, rifle, and shotgun ranges; horse and dog clubs; and golf courses.

The Bismarck Airport is an essential air transport center, offering five passenger airlines and cargo operations with regional and international service. The airport is also home to two Fixed Based Operators that provide pilot training, air-taxi and charter services.